Sunday, October 28, 2012

Roasted Chicken - my version

Lama sungguh tak blog.. BZ yang teramat..
Nampak sedap tak?


So for today , I would like to post my version of  Roasted Chicken
Actually I have been roasted chicken twice, hence there are two kind of roasted chicken.
But basically, sama je marinade yg digunakan..

Let's check it out. I

Roasted Chicken / Grilled Chicken / Ayam Bakar

-Ayam (i used half of the whole chicken)
-Garlic about 5 cloves, chopped (if tk suka, kurangkan k)
- Herbs ; Loads of fresh rosemary chopped, some coriander flakes (you can put your kinda herbs)
- Lemon juice - bout half of lemon or 5 tbsp 
- Lemon skin - agak2 jer, hiris2
- Onions (potong 4 or 6)
-Salt n sugar to taste (honey is better)
- potatoes (cut half)
- broccoli, carrot (any vege that u likes)

- Ayam bersih, pat2 with clean towel paper ( so that ayam tu tk berair2, and rempah2 mudah serap leih sedap)
- Add in garlic, herbs,lemon juice,lemon skin,Onions, salt n sugar, 
- Kacau rata ayam dan bahan2 lain..kalau boleh biarkan marinade overnight, if not 2 jam pun boleh.

- masuklah ayam, kentang dan carrot td dalam oven at temperature about 170C for about 50minutes, or until cook thoroughly
  (kalau ada function grill lg senang)
* If can, put the chicken on the potatoes, so that chicken punya lemak2 tu akan drop dan ayam lebih garing
- Finally, when the chicken is about 90% done, put the broccoli or peas.. Coz i dont like my veges to be overcooked.
- Voila, boleh laa serve dengan chilli sauce or black pepper sauce

My second version of roasted chicken

Lagi dan lagi gambar

See ya again


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