Friday, December 30, 2011

Grilled Chicken, Mashed potatoes and Mixed Baby Leaves

I forgot to post other piccas into this blog.. So here guys simple Grilled chicken.. I didn't grill 'em in the oven, but just on the pan with some olive oil..the taste is nice according to my taste bud..

Nampak sedap kan??Sape lagi nak puji kann kalau tk diri sendiri

Senang jer recipenya..just campak2 jer..

Grilled chicken,
These were what i added;
Rempah BBQ (mom got this for me, i thk its mixed of spices like cumin, coriander, star anise, chilli powder etc)
Black pepper
some lemon juice
some chopped rosemary
some sugar (to give caramalized look, better choice is honey).

Mix well all the ingredients into the chicken, let it be for 30min or more..

For mashed potatoes:

boiled potatoes
fresh milk
black pepper

while u mashed the potatoes add butter, black pepper and salt..
Add fresh milk in between,..agak2 supaya kentang tak terlalu lembek (runny)..

Mine a little bit rough because i was so eager to eat,
furthermore i still dont have proper tools yet..

For Mashed potatoes Black pepper sauce, i just used M.a.g.g.i Instant: Blackpepper Mixed

Dressing for the salad tu, i beli jer kat supermarket kat jepun ni,
Brand Kewpie - Ceaser salad's Dressing

So you can try these simple recipes..

Monday, December 26, 2011


Finally i have guts to write blog after more than a year abandoned..
Well, Im not actually good in writing and even describing of anything..
My ex-bf used to tell me that 'not everyone can understand the same as u thought like u understand your ownself' ..Get it? Maybe i jer yang faham kot, hmmm..

Well now Im all alone in Japan..i really missed my life in Malaysia, my family n frens and not to forget Mr. K.i.p.i.t..well i get to that topic later yaa..

Mann, its really hard to face life here without knowing nihongo(Japanese Language)..
And my nihongo’s class only once a week..I dont really need nihongo for my studies, coz me and my sv use english all the time..but the prob comes when u go outside and need to converse to local people, what to buy, where to go, what the ingredients and so on..

I hope by staying here 3 years or less makes me good enough to make people atleast understand with my nihongo..

I love baking and eating..thats the answer of me with weight gained almost 6kgs after raya..
Maybe the thinking of I would not be able to get all those glorious raya’s food in Japan, really made me eat like a monster..takper2..i hope i can back to normal weight later..

The blog actually for me to post piccas of my cookings n food i ate in Japan and Malaysia..
So piccas of the day ‘Mee masak hentam ajer laa’, what i cook for dinner..tomorrow I'll post some more lovelier food..


Yer, ada tercampur mee udon di situ

p/s: Im still new in blog world, hence of my sempoi-ness without changing fonts etc..
Will learn soon..